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WIRELESS SENSOR  (order code – AN-10)

The wireless sensor allows you to install a fully featured lightingcontrol system easily and with minimal disruption.


The wireless sensor has been specifically created to allow you to embrace the advantages of wireless technology, while at the same time offering all of the features and functionality demanded by modern day lighting control systems.


Simple Installation

Wireless signals can pass through walls, floors and ceilings, so you can position switches and detectors exactly where you need them.


Reduces installation times and minimises disruption, making it an ideal solution for retrofit and new builds alike.


Easier to meet building regulations and today’s demands for greater energy efficiency.


Ideal for historic and listed buildings where disturbing the building fabric is difficult or impossible.


Easy Expansion

Adding extra devices is simple. No additional control wiring is

required; simply install the extra device, program it into the system and you are ready to go!


Flexible Functionality

System functionality is achieved by programming, not hard wiring, making it incredibly easy to design the operation of your lighting system.


If you need to reorganise your living or working space, simply move and/or reprogram devices for the new layout.


This is particularly useful for open-plan environments.


Maintained illuminance (daylight linking or daylight harvesting) saves energy where natural light is available.


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