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MINI BAY LIFTER  (order code – M-LIFT)

Remote controlled high bay lifter is composed of three parts – the lifter, the luminaire and the remote control. It is installed and fixed to the ceiling and the luminaire is locked to the lifter by steel wire, single or dual, for hoisting ability.


Locking devices provide additional security when the lift is at the home position. Special locking device engage to take the load off the suspension wire. In the event of a mains failure the light fitting will remain locked in position and securely attached.


Operator can easily set the lowering height with RCU for easy access to luminaire.


When lowering, the remote lighting lifter stops automatically if its decent is interrupted or when it reaches the ground.


157mm (W)

61mm (H)

Unit Net Weight (kgs)


Max. Loading Weight (kgs)


Max. Loading Distance

15 (standard)
20  (max)

No. of Wires

1 | 2

Wire O.D. (SUS304 7×19)


Rated current of illuminator


Motor Type

DC Motor

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