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KRYPTON  (order code – PRT)

Decorative dome shaped post top with tempered glass diffuser and anodized aluminium reflector for asymmetrical light distribution.

Lamp Formats

1x26w | 2x26w | 3x26w | 1x42w | 2x42w| 3x42w CFL

70w | 100w | 150w | 250w High Pressure Sodium

70w | 100w | 150w | 250w Metal Halide

Led Format

27w | 3050lm
39w | 4100lm

54w | 5250lm


470mm (L)

210mm (H)

284mm (W)

Mounting Options

Post | Wall Mounted

Available Colours

Black | White | Matt Silver | Charcoal Grey

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